Kew Gardens 50 pence vs 1992-93 EEC 50 pence

In 2009, the Royal Mint issued a commemorative 50 pence coin to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew as a botanical garden. The coin which was designed by Christopher Le Brun RA, features the famous Chinese Pagoda at Kew with a decorative leafy climber twining in and around the pagoda.

210,000 of this coin were minted for circulation, it has been claimed the rarest 50 pence coin. Collectors all over the world are collecting this coin. Continue reading

Customer reviews for Palais Riad Calipau Marrakech: Great disappointment…

Room: ★★★★★ Average
Cleanliness: ★★★★★ Average
Service: ★★★★★ Poor
Value: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Overall scoring: ★★★★★ Poor

Palais Riad Calipau Marrakech: Great disappointment and a real let down!

We booked this ryad (or riad) with Expedia as a hotel & flight deal at the beginning of October 2014. When we looked at the photos on the ryad’s website and saw plenty of good reviews about this ryad, we simply couldn’t believe how lucky we were to find this ryad at such a good price (4 nights + easyJet flights, £356.00 for 2). Continue reading

德國漢莎航空公司員工當眾侮辱乘客, 現今惡有惡報


幾年前,我乘坐德國漢莎航空公司飛機飛到香港,這是我第一次使用德國漢莎航空公司。在回程的航班上,我弟弟及我爸爸和我同一班機。 當我們三人在香港機場報到時,漢莎地勤人員稱我們的行李一共超過六千克,因此我們被要求繳付港幣$2,052.00(160英鎊)。 Continue reading

Utterly rude Lufthansa staff topped with incredibly bad customer service

What goes around, comes around…

Some years ago, I flew to Hong Kong with Lufthansa, it was the first time I ever flew with Lufthansa. On the return flight, my little brother and my dad were with me on the same flight. When 3 of us checked in at the Hong Kong airport, we were told that our luggages were 6 kg over between us, as a result we were asked to pay HK$2,052.00 (£160) for the extra weight. Continue reading