Scam of the year

A company called XS-Clearance has sold me a domestic appliance on eBay back in October 2011. XS-Clearance labelled this domestic appliance as a manufacturer’s refurbished item with 90 days manufacturer’s warranty. On the advert, XS-Clearance has put down its contact details as Thomas Roy, Unit 81 Whiteladies Estate, Clifton, Bristol BS1 3TT, United Kingdom. The telephone number is 0845 3016824 and email address is VAT number is UK 585166021. Continue reading


Name and shame Mr & Mrs Lies

In July 2009, I bought a Dell laptop from a seller called Brian Keates, aged 40 from Polesworth, (eBay ID emmakeates) on eBay. It turned out the actual Dell laptop did not match what it was described on the eBay auction. So I contacted Brian Keates to report the issue and requested for a full refund. Brian Keates refused my request and challenged me for legal action. I instructed a solicitor to send a letter to Brian Keates at his home address (High Street, Polesworth, Stafffordshire) to ask for a full refund of the laptop. Brian opened the letter and read it, then got his wife, Emma Keates aged 36, to write ‘no longer living in this address’ on the envelope and posted the opened letter back to my solicitor. What a doggy couple! Continue reading