Avoid Coincraft at all costs!

About two weeks ago, I found a coin dealer in London selling some coins that I was after online. So I went ahead to place an order. When I was ordering, I was only allowed to buy TWO sets of the coins. I thought that was a bit odd but perhaps that was the only quantity the dealer had. I made a payment and received an email confirmation about my purchase.

A couple of days later, I went back to the dealer’s website, it still showed the coins were available to purchase. I was a little concerned and wonder if my order went through successfully or not. Anyway, I received a phone call from the dealer. I did not realise I have registered on this dealer’s website some years ago, and since then I have moved home so the billing address did not match anymore and this is why the dealer phoned me to clarify.

I received my order on the following day. I then thought the service was actually not bad, so I decided to order another 2 lots of the coins online. Then I received a phone call from the dealer again to check if it was a new order or a duplicate order. I said it was a fresh order. While I was on the phone with the dealer, I asked if there were any more of these coins to buy. The dealer asked how many I wanted to buy. I said I wanted to buy another 6 lots. I was told to order the 6 lots online, but I said the website only allowed me to order two lots at a time and each time I placed an order I was charged £2.95 handling fee, I felt it was a rip off but I did not say that to the dealer on the phone. In the end, the dealer agreed to order the additional 6 lots on the phone so that avoided me to pay the fee again, again and again – THREE TIMES!!!

I waited about 3 days, the second order was delivered to me. At first I was very happy to see my order was well packed and at first glance the outside condition of the lots was good. BUT when I started to check each lot one by one, my heart dropped. I discovered THREE out of eight lots of these coins did not have a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). I thought ‘oh dear’. Straight away, I contacted the dealer to report the missing COA. Basically without the original COA, the value of the coins would be less. At first, the dealer told me he would have a check and get back to me. It sounded quite promising I had to say. But then after a week of waiting, I still heard no reply from the dealer, so I dropped another email to the dealer to chase for an update. I was now told by the dealer he couldn’t find any missing COA, and on top of that he said he never mentioned the coins came with a COA on his website. I thought that was just a weak excuse.

As a coin dealer and claims having 50 years of experience, he knows it very well that a COA is important to coins. These coins were expected to come with an official COA as standard. And by any chance if the coins end up not to have a COA, a respective dealer would make his buyers aware of that. On this occasion, the dealer did not mention about the missing COAs at all. Despite the fact that the dealer has made a mistake on the missing COAs, he dared to say that was how the coins came to his shop initially. He argued he could not tell which lot has a COA and which hasn’t. That is absolutely non-sense. There is no description or year mark on the outside of the lots. The dealer had to open each one to see the inside to identify the year. So while he was getting my order ready for me, he must know and see five lots had COAs and three didn’t. And if those lots didn’t have a COA, he should have swapped those three and give me the ones with COAs. I really think that is dishonest!

Anyway, in the end, the dealer did not prepare to do anything for me about the missing COAs. He claimed he has already sold 50 lots of these coins in a couple of week so there was none left now. But when I checked his website he was still selling the coins and at a higher price. He made a remark that I paid a good price for the lots and I should be grateful for that. I simply cannot believe how pathetic this dealer has become, mind you his so-called good price still cost me nearly £500. I told the dealer to close and remove my account. I said I will not buy anything from him again, what a disgraceful dealer!

When I first placed an order with this dealer, he sounded very helpful and friendly. He even asked me to leave some positive feedback to help his business run. Well, after the upsetting and disappointing experience with this dealer, I think I should grant his wishes to give his business a feedback and here I am!

It is my first time to buy coins from this dealer and I will not buy any coins from him again. Furthermore, I would not recommend this dealer to any buyers or collectors at all. The way this dealer trades his coins is a real cheat. First of all, he limits the number of items can be ordered at once on his website even he has plenty of the items in stock. Then each time when an order is generated the dealer charges £2.95 handling fee. So using my case as an example, instead of paying 1 handling fee to order 10 lots in one go, the dealer wants me to place 5 separate orders (2 lots per order) and pay the handling fee 5 times. What a deceiving way to trade!

Based on that, I think this dealer should be named and shamed. To the dealer at Coincraft in London, ‘You asked for it so you deserve it’ – avoid this dealer at all costs!!

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