Incomplete circle after a trip to Marrakech

I have done fair amount of travelling in my life so far, but I have never felt incomplete as I do now after a trip to Marrakech.

It is hard to explain. Something happened to me while I was in Marrakech, it really makes me feel ashamed and sorrowful. Continue reading


Customer reviews for Palais Riad Calipau Marrakech: Great disappointment…

Room: ★★★★★ Average
Cleanliness: ★★★★★ Average
Service: ★★★★★ Poor
Value: ★★★★ Extremely poor
Overall scoring: ★★★★★ Poor

Palais Riad Calipau Marrakech: Great disappointment and a real let down!

We booked this ryad (or riad) with Expedia as a hotel & flight deal at the beginning of October 2014. When we looked at the photos on the ryad’s website and saw plenty of good reviews about this ryad, we simply couldn’t believe how lucky we were to find this ryad at such a good price (4 nights + easyJet flights, £356.00 for 2). Continue reading