Is it good or bad to warm up a car in the morning?

To be honest, the question of whether it’s good or bad to leave a car idling for an extended time has never crossed my mind before.

As I read some comments about warming up a car in the morning, I keep looking to see if it is actually bad for the engine to leave the car idling too long. I’ve been told that recently, and just wondered if it was true.

And here I found some interesting comments and views online from different people around the world. Before we dig deeper to this question, bear that in mind, letting a car idle for a long time, it’s bad for the environment to pump all those extra hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and we’re wasting precious, not to mention expensive fuel. Continue reading

Something for a Tuesday night – interesting idioms and proverbs…

Working on a job for a banking client currently. The client wants to promote a personal loan top-up scheme, so she has asked me for some ideas. Had a brainstorming session with two colleagues, within half an hour or so, we came up several ideas for the client. It was a good start. While I was making a note about these ideas, the colleagues suggested ‘cherry on the cake’. I must say I have never heard of this phase before, so I quickly logged on to Google and did a search to find out what it means. Continue reading

Wisdom and Knowledge

Everybody wants to be born clever, simply because who would want to be called stupid? But obviously intelligence is not something we can especially request while we were formed in our mother’s womb. There is nothing we can do to change the fact that if we are the less clever ones, all we can only do is to accept the truth and work harder to balance our short strength. Continue reading