Another online scandal – Delcampe

A few months ago, I discovered an online auction website called Delcampe which runs similar to eBay, but Delcampe is more focusing on specific items such as stamps, postcards, coins, banknotes, other collectible items etc.. As I was collecting some specific banknotes at that moment so I thought I would give this website a try. After using the Delcampe website for 7 months, I would say this website was not too bad until yesterday…

I saw an unusual stamps presentation pack for sale on Delcampe a month ago, the seller asked for £5 for it but I submitted a £3 offer and the seller accepted it. The sale was made on 11 October 2012. I transferred the money to this seller via PayPal, everything happened as normal as it should be. Then a week later, I received nothing from this seller, so I wrote to them to chase for an update. I received no response at all, I thought I would wait a couple more days hoping the item would arrive with me by then. Another week passed by, still no sign of the item, so I wrote to the seller again and still no response at all. In the end I had to file a dispute against this seller for item not received.

The seller still hasn’t responded to the dispute. But then on Monday 19 November 2012, I went online to check this seller’s profile, I discovered the seller’s account was closed. I thought that was not a good sign. So I wrote to Delcampe to chase for an update for my dispute. Someone called Benjamin from Delcampe responded to me. He said apparently there were a lot of complaints made against to this seller, as a result Delcampe decided to close the seller’s account. So I asked Benjamin what happened to the money that I have paid to the seller. He then said, ‘The fact is that we do not sell nor ship anything, we only function as a middleman. We only put buyers and sellers in connection with one another’. I was shocked to know I was in risks to use the Delcampe website all the time. I said to Benjamin I will not use Delcampe again while nothing from the website protects me as a buyer at all. I am just so annoyed and furious with Delcampe that they run an online auction website but they don’t provide any protections to the buyers. So any sellers on the site can pretend to sell something, then once they receive the money, they can just disappear and not to send the item. It is just a plain fraud!!

Anyway, I noticed there are quite a lot of stamp collectors use Delcampe to buy stamps, I would especially urge everyone who has registered to Delcampe to stay away from this website. I am sure many people have had bad experience with eBay in their lives, but I would say Delcampe is far worse! There is no member support or whatsoever on the Delcampe website.

The next thing I must do now is to make a claim with PayPal against this transaction for the stamps presentation pack. Why is internet always full of crooks and robbers???


15 thoughts on “Another online scandal – Delcampe

  1. I experienced a similar issue when buying from two different French sellers. Both claimed to have sent the goods, but nothing arrived after two weeks. One of the sellers (with a PayPal business account) had even provided PayPal with a false email address.

    Both sellers had cleared their accounts (I spoke to PayPal over the phone and was told this) and yet I still received full PayPal refunds after a few weeks. Yes, even though PayPal had lost out, as their buyer protection policy is now excellent.

    I note that both rogue sellers continue to operate on Delcampe, both no longer offer PayPal, only Skrill. From what I’ve heard, Skrill is a very risky payment method for buyers, as it offers no protection whatsoever. This must explain why so many sellers on Delcampe are no longer offering PayPal.

    In short, never ever buy anything from Delcampe unless the seller offers PayPal.

  2. Delcampe is bad business [deleted my acount twice for no reason]
    no one stops me… so 2 statuate…

  3. btw: delcampe`s closing of my acount also stopped me from buying
    a very important cover, whom I could use on a website (URL removed)

  4. Now, almost a year after I tried to register
    at delcampe and it seems like this time
    they don`t close my account so…

  5. Delcampe staff are disgusting people to deal with. Their website is written in very poor English and is difficult to understand. I had over 120 positive feedbacks and listed two items for sale via auction. Although the reserves were not met, Delcampe deemed them to be “sold items” and charged me over $50 USD when I did not even sell them. I asked for this to be removed but they refused, instead banning my account. Now they keep sending emails asking for payment of these fees, even though I cannot use my account. I wonder if they will try to use this Contentia company to recover money from me, in my country on the other side of the world. Absolutely horrible company. Avoid at all costs.

    • I find this comment ridiculous. This is because you are yet another moaner who has not read a web sites terms and conditions – which, if you had done, would have told you that reserved items attract fees. You also state you managed to get 120 positive feedbacks – how did you manage that if the site is so awful? The site is based in Belgium and you will find that the default language is French not English therefore there is the likelihood of the occasional language glitch.

      I use Delcampe as both a buyer and a seller and I have had far fewer problems then I ever had or do have buying and selling on a site that eBay – now this site really is the pits and I could write volumes about their terrible customer services!!

  6. There many seller on delCampe is fraud, they sell at reasonable price, send nothing or send some normal cheap item, when the buyer ask for, the seller even give negative feedback with very rude word, then the buyer can not claim event claim about remove negative feedback from his profile, and ALSO the buyer give back negative feedback to seller, the seller’rating is still 100%?

    • Yet another who uses a site without reading their terms and conditions – if you do this and things go wrong you can only blame yourself. ‘A bad workman always blames his tools’.

      Pay with Paypal and you are protected against most scam artists. If the seller does not offer Paypal and you do not know him do not buy – simple! Blaming the site for your own stupidity will get you nowhere. You need to remember online auction sites are just platforms where sellers are introduced to buyers and the site takes commission for doing this. They have no actual items for sale themselves and have nothing to do with any transaction or contract made between buyer and seller unless their terms and conditions state otherwise.

      You would not buy blindly from a flea market or elsewhere so why do it online? Research your seller – ‘Google’ is your friend here – if a seller is a scammer then an online search will invariably show this and you can avoid them. Read their feedback and so on. Most of the biggest complainers do not take even the most basic precautions against being scammed!

  7. Delcampe is a scammer’s paradise. I have lost money buying non-existent items from crooks. I will stick to Ebay which has a proper resolution system. The “resolution system” on Delcampe is a big joke because NO-ONE ever responds.

  8. Why did you not just reverse your paypal payment when the goods did not arrive? You can reverse a paypal payment within 45 days.

  9. SIMON HUBA and SACHIE VILLA, is the same person on delcampe net operates under freeshipping2015.current feedback 83(%) steals money from buyers who buy more than 100$ worth of stamps, coin, banknotes. Never delivers.Delcampe is dispute RESOLUTION is a disgust, today is a 45th day since I have requested a resolution – no contact.Delcampe ia a SCAM – stick to EBAY.AVOID —->DELCAMPE

  10. Scammers use any platform to get ahold of your money. The platform like Delcampe Is not responsible for shipping the items to you or giving you a refund. Do not make a purchase unless they offer PayPal who has buyer protection. The type of payment can protect you also can include a credit card that protects you from fraudulent purchases. Only use a credit card that gives you a virtual credit card number and it should only be used on that one purchase. Make sure that card offers buyer protection as well. Otherwise, you should use PayPal. It is not the platform’s responsibility to refund you.

  11. I agree entirely that the Customer Service is appalling. If you have an issue and contact them about it the response is painfully slow — if indeed there is one at all — and the answer is usually that there’s nothing they can do about it. I’ve just tried to let them know about a seller who is misrepresting items as “rare” when in fact they aren’t and is charging over €200 for postcards whose value is actually under €5. It is quite likely that criminal offences have been comitted. However, it seems there is no way of reporting this since the standard contact form doesn’t contains options for typical issues and all you get back is an automated reply telling you to use the dispute resolution procedue, which doesn’t apply here as I didn’t buy anything from the seller. Absolutely useless!!

    • Sorry that should have read that the standard contact form contains options ONLY for typical issues.

    • On Delcampe you can simply block sellers like this so that if their items offend you will never see them again. Sellers like the one you quote rarely if ever sell their items as the vast majority of buyers are not stupid enough to pay stupid prices.

      This happens on eBay constantly where someone finds grandpa’s schoolboy stamp collection in the attic and lists it for several hundred pounds when its true value is zilch. No one buys it!

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