Name and shame Mr & Mrs Lies

In July 2009, I bought a Dell laptop from a seller called Brian Keates, aged 40 from Polesworth, (eBay ID emmakeates) on eBay. It turned out the actual Dell laptop did not match what it was described on the eBay auction. So I contacted Brian Keates to report the issue and requested for a full refund. Brian Keates refused my request and challenged me for legal action. I instructed a solicitor to send a letter to Brian Keates at his home address (High Street, Polesworth, Stafffordshire) to ask for a full refund of the laptop. Brian opened the letter and read it, then got his wife, Emma Keates aged 36, to write ‘no longer living in this address’ on the envelope and posted the opened letter back to my solicitor. What a doggy couple!

I went back to eBay to check Brian Keates’ eBay profile, apparently I discovered someone else had also bought a Dell laptop from him 2 weeks before me. So I made a contact to this person to see if he had any problems/issues with his purchase. It turned out this other buyer, called Richard, is a RAF commander in Portsmouth. Richard replied to me via emails saying he had the same problem with his purchase. He bought a Dell laptop from Brian Keates in June 2009 and when he received the laptop, the laptop was in completely different specifications to what it was advertised on eBay. Richard claimed it took him over 2 weeks to get his money back from Brian Keates, fortunately Richard paid Brian the money via PayPal.

I discussed the matter to a friend of mine who is a retired West Midlands Police Officer. The first thing he suggested me to do is to contact the Staffordshire Police to report a fraud crime. Basically Brian Keates has mis-sold a Dell laptop on eBay before, and now he sold me another Dell laptop in the same way, he did it deliberately and it was seen as fraud. I reported the matter to the Staffordshire Police. The Police Civilian Staff who I talked to from the Staffordshire Police said he would call Brian Keates to clarify my case. Brian Keates told the Police that he did know he did not describe his Dell laptop correctly on eBay but he was not prepared to give me any refund, not even a single penny. So I filed a proper claim for a fraud crime to the Staffordshire Police.

I was asked to visit a local police station in Atherstone to give statement. I spent 4 hours at an interview room to give my statement. The Atherstone Police Station agreed to get Brian Keates in for an interview as well, but the Police Station believed it was a civil matter instead, despite the fact that Brian Keates had already done the same dishonest trading on eBay before.

A few weeks later, I received a phone call from the Atherstone Police Station telling me that they have interviewed Brian Keates but they did not think Brian has committed the fraud crime. I was suggested to resolve the matter via County Court instead. At the moment, I understand why so many people cannot be arsed to report any crimes to the Police, cos the Police is really useless and hopeless.

So now, I filed a small claim to a County Court, I was taking Brian Keates to the Court for owing me £421.19. I was given two hearings from the County Court. In the first hearing in May 2010, as expected, Brian Keates denied everything that he did to the sale. One minute he claimed the eBay advert was placed by one of his staff even through the eBay account was setup for personal use. Then next minute he claimed he knew nothing about the Dell laptop, so this is why he described the laptop incorrectly. He really tried hard to get away from his fault, but furthermore it also showed how dishonest he was, he was constantly making different lies!

In the second hearing in October 2010, Brian Keates claimed that the Dell laptop was sold to me from his closed company, but not from himself. What a convenient way to escape! He ran a company called K Freight in Polesworth but the company went into administration in 2009, so he thought if he could make the Judge believe the laptop was sold to me by his company, he wouldn’t need to pay me any money back. After over an hour of hearing and the Judge has read a big pile of evidence, the Judge has decided that Brian Keates was responsible to the sale of the Dell laptop. The Judge ordered Brian Keates to pay the money that he has owned me, and it has now become £506.19 (inc. court fees).

Even the Judge has now ordered Brian Keates to pay me the money that he owes me, he still found his ways to refuse to pay, so I applied for a warrant of execution to try to recover the debt. He then declared to the Court that he and his wife were unemployed and on benefits. He submitted a finance cash flow to the Court saying he now owes three High Street banks thousands of pounds, therefore he could only pay me 50p a month for the next 100 years. He is just unbelievable!

I rejected his offer and requested the Court to go ahead to send bailiffs to his house to recover the debt. I was asked to attend to the County Court again for another hearing in May 2011. In the meanwhile, I discovered Brian Keates has set up a new business with his wife. They are both now working at home and the new business is called EB Cargo ( The new business started in April 2010. Brian and Emma Keates even advertised their business on eBay. They are really crooks!

Until this very second, I have still not received my full refund (£606.19 inc. the warrant fee) from Brian Keates. I am hoping the bailiffs can recover the debt for me here. The whole case will have been going on for two year in 2 weeks time. Someone like Brian Keates and his wife Emma Keates should be named and shamed and hung!! They deceive money from other people. They deceive money from the benefit office (claiming jobseeker’s allowance £400 a month) while they are working at home. They are truly a pair of scumbag which is a waste of space in this world.

8 thoughts on “Name and shame Mr & Mrs Lies

  1. I agree their business is also a joke

    • Do you mind to tell me your story?

      • Hi,
        Ebargo now working as Freightworldwide on
        making fortune by ripping of more innocent people. I would appreciate if you can contact and provide them court judgment against Brian and Emma Keates. ( FreightWorldwide , previously registered as EBcargo ) to suspend their account. I have spoken to many victims of Ebcargo, we have managed to suspend their shiply account.
        Uship require concret edivence to take action against Freightworldwide.
        Please advise.

  2. is this the people who run ebcargo?

  3. That website is hilarious!

    Brian Keates has added a photo of “palne.jpg”. Which was copied from the net 😀

    “We have agents in 99 percent of all countries and an extensive network within Europe”

    And address in a shabby semi in Tamworth. What a joke.

  4. Their ebargo business is disgraceful and should be avoided at all costs. They messed up with a delivery and have charged me admin cost???? I am pursing this refund through court.

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